About us 


"Ortopedijos Sprendimai" is a family run business. An interest in orthopaedics encouraged the owner of the company to further develop his knowledge gained during his years of work within the orthopaedic field, he finished an orthopaedic technology programme at University of Klaipėda. He has also had specialised training in human anatomy, pathologies of the lower limb and lower limb biomechanics.

„Ortopedijos Sprendimai“ manufactures orthopaedic shoes (for adults and children) and various footwear inserts. „Ortopedijos Sprendimai“ manufactures their products from safe and high quality materials. Qualified and experienced team ensures accurate orders, fast order fulfillment time and product quality. In compliance with patient‘s wishes and recommendations of a doctor „Ortopedijos sprendimai“ will offer and produce you the best product.